Softwash cleaning in Coventry

A specialist softwash and pressure washing service in Coventry and surrounding areas

Softwash Cleaning Coventry

Softwash and pressure washing Coventry

As well as our pressure washing service we also offer a less abrasive cleaning service for more delicate areas of your home. Due to the warmer and wetter weather that seems to be the norm these days there is an explosion of algae’s, moss, lichens and fungi growing on the outside of our buildings, paths, patios, fences, stonework and render.

External Cleaning Coventry

We use the soft wash method which is less abrasive way to clean especially for render and brickwork. We use a special environmentally friendly chemical that is sprayed onto the area you are cleaning left for a period of time rinsed off. If required another application can be applied,  most render shows an immediate effect but some take a few weeks of weathering to show best results. The chemical can be used on wood, stone render, tarmac and concrete.

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